A little about us

Itaforte is composed of people with technical-analytical skills and the ability to develop relationships with several professionals, capable of bringing quick solutions to the problems, ensuring the effectiveness of our work.

The challenges of the team are linked to the development of logistics, technical and marketing solutions that help our customers to increase their competitiveness, having as values the dedication to work and the team, integrity in the relationships and responsibility for the working execution, as well as the fulfillment of your goals.

Itaforte seeks professionals who focus on results and passion for what they do, being able to contribute – from a creative analysis – with actions and potential solutions that add high value to our customers. If you are studying or graduated in Chemistry, Engineering, Logistics and Foreign Trade, and identify yourself with the profile of Itaforte, send us your curriculum by of the side fields, identifying the interest area (technical or commercial) so that we can enter contact.

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